Sherri Burr is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Princeton University, and Yale Law School. She has authored or co-authored 32 books and published hundreds of articles for the general public in newspapers and magazines. Burr has served as a columnist for several publications, including Editor and Writer, the Albuquerque Tribune, and the Southwest Sage. Her audio books, Sum & Substance on Entertainment Law and Sum & Substance on International Law, are part of Thomson West’s “Outstanding Professor” series, which purportedly “captures America’s best law professors on compact disc.”

As a highly sought after speaker, Burr has lectured throughout the United States and on five continents. She has received dozens of speaking and writing awards from the National Federation of Press Women and New Mexico Press Women, and two Southwest Writers awards.  In 2021, she was designated as both the New Mexico Press Women and National Federation of Press Women Communicator of Achievement. As a professor of law at the University of New Mexico, her legal scholarship has also been accorded numerous awards. 

In 2017, she transitioned from being a full-time law professor to becoming a full-time author. Her 27th book, Complicated Lives: Free Blacks in Virginia, 1619-1865 was published in 2019 and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History. Here is the link to the book’s webpage